Q: I am getting constant re-deliveries of my product, whats going on?!
Re-deliveries of your current products are ascertained and sent via the iControl Professional.

If your iControl Professional is not the most up to date version then it will assume the products you have out are not the most up to date versions thus the reason you are receiving updates. There was a recent update to the iControl Professional which was sent out which does fix this issue.

Please either obtain a delivery of the newest iControl in store or send Dancing Lemon a note and she will send one out to you.
Q: Why does the StreamSync not pick up certain song details?
In order to get this information, the stream you are listening to must provide the song information in one of the standard shoutcast/icecast formats i.e. (Title - Artist, or Artist -Title). It will be unable use this now playing information to discover song information (tempo etc) if (unusually) your stream provides the now playing information in a non-standard format. Most likely the stream does not provide this information and therefore there is no way for the StreamSync to know what is playing. If the StreamSync cannot pick up certain information, the display on the StreamSync panel will display ??AUTO??.

Very often viewers like firestorm are able to read song information even though the stream doesn't provide it. This is because the viewer is playing the song and has direct access to the metadata embedded into the sound files themselves. Second Life scripts are unable to read this information as they are running on the sim server, which has no access to the music stream.

If you want the StreamSync to automatically get song information, then you will need to contact the stream provider directly and ask them if they would be willing to set up their stream to provide this information. If they are using Shoutcast or Icecast this is a standard function provided by these providers so should not be too problematic for them.