If you have a support question, please first see the FAQ page. 99% of issues can be resolved through this. If your problem is not resolved then please send Dancing Lemon either a NOTECARD in world or contact us here, or send an email to detailing the problem. Unfortunately IM's are often capped so we cannot guarantee that we would receive them.

We will try to respond to all support queries sent by either EMAIL, CONTACT FORM or NOTECARD within 24 hours during our normal working times. We cannot be held responsible for IM's that have not been delivered due to capping. Please be aware of the time difference in your country and ours.

Our normal working hours are:

09:00 - 17:00 GMT (01:00 - 09:00 SLT) Monday to Friday.

However due to personal circumstances, days off, and holiday/bank holidays this may vary from time to time.

In the notecard please detail the problem you are having. If there is a script error, try to capture the detail by clicking the little script icon that appears at the top of your SL window.

Please note that we will not accept TP requests without you first following the above procedure.

Please also note we cannot accept friendship requests for support calls, as this becomes unmanageble over time.

All club equipment products are copyable unless stated, which offers you several advantages. However this means that refunds are not normally given, as you cannot return the product. In exceptional circumstances refunds will be given if the product has been found to have a serious fault rendering it inoperable, which cannot be fixed within 14 days of us responding to your initial support NOTECARD. Such a warranty does not apply to faults caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as changes to SL server code, newly imposed restrictions, slow user connection or mistaken purchases.

As all our Club Equipment is copyable, you will be able to use multiple copies of the product in any location. You will be protected against non-delivery, inventory loss etc.and you can get a redelivery at any time using the redelivery button on the products vendor. We are unable to send any copyable products to an alt avatar.


Alternatively you can use the redelivery board in our Customer Service Area in Store to retrieve any copyable purchased items! Click here to go there!

Animations are sold as stated:

Copy - You will be able to have multiple copies of the animation to use as you please. You will be protected against non-delivery, inventory loss etc. Just visit our redelivery board in store to replace your copy.

We are unable to provide a refund of copyable animations. Copyable animations cannot be transferred to an ALT account.

Transfer - This is a single copy of the animation that can be passed to friends/ALT accounts. Under no circumstances can refunds or replacements be given as a result of non-delivery, inventory loss or accidental deletion. Inventory related issues should be reported to Linden Labs as we have no control over this.

Our staff will not tolerate abuse or offensive language UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You will be immediately muted and banned from all There In Spirit owned land for life, and no further support will be offered on existing purchases.

Due to our current high workload, we are unable to accommodate custom work or club design. This includes visiting your venue to suggest which of our products you should have - all our items are shown in store and can be played with. It's your club - get creative with it!! :)

Instructions for all products are provided on our website. We have included the ability to change the website into your own language using Google's Translation Tool. We cannot guarantee that it successfully translates the instructions into your language, and please bear in mind that some products contain fairly complicated instructions. We will of course endeavour to help you in your own language, but we are only fluent in English and Googleese!

On purchasing a product from our store you will be automatically added to the relevant mailing list regarding that product i.e. either Animations mailing list or Club Equipment mailing list. This is so we can keep you, our valued customer, up to date with new products, updates or news regarding our store or products.

If you do not wish to be included on these mailing list, you can unsubscribe via the subscription board at our Customer Services in our store.