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Thank you for your interest in the TIS Stage.

A very simple and easy addition to your venue if holding a concert or other staged event.

The TIS Stage comes with the following decoration, these are:

The stage is easily switched on and off by just clicking it. This TIS product is group controlled, so in order for the stage to be switched on by friends or staff, you must make sure that you rez the stage under a group tag that your staff/friends are members of, your staff/friends must then have the group tag activated in order that they can switch the stage on or off.

The stage is fully customisable using the !!! Settings !!! notecard contained within the contents tab of the stage. You are able to use the !!! Settings !!! notecard to set the textures for the animated roof and back of the stage as well as the Off texture and the On texture. To do this, follow these simple steps:

To revert back to the inbuilt textures, just delete the keys that you have entered into the !!! Settings !!! Notecard.

Along with the inbuilt textures you will also find a notecard in your product box that has a few texture keys listed for you to try just to help you out a bit.

The dimensions of the entire stage are as follows:

Please make sure you have enough room and enough prims on your land to accommodate this beforehand!