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Thank you for your interest in the TIS Lit Panels Effect.

This product can be used in conjunction with the T1000 Dance Floor or as a stand alone product for use in your venue.

For use with the T1000

To use this product with the T1000, please follow these instructions:

The Lit Panels Effect will now show up on the Controller for the T1000.

For use as a stand alone product

If you have purchased this product as a stand alone product for use in your venue. Just unpack the product from the box received and drag the TIS Lit Panels Effect to the ground in world.

The product has a simple click on, click off functionality. In order for the click on and click off to work you must have the same group activated i.e. the group that the product was rezzed under must be the same group as you have activated on your avatar. If you are having difficulties with switching on the machine then please check this before contacting TIS support.