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Thank you for your interest in the TIS Information Giver.

The Information giver is used to enable you to give out information about your venue to your visiting customers.

Information Giver Features
Getting Started

Your Information Giver comes in a product box. Drag this box to the ground where it will automatically unpack and give you a folder containing the object. Accept this folder and it will appear in the top level of your inventory. You can now delete the product box.

On receipt of your product you will find an object which contains the actual script. You can either use the object itself or drag the script (script called: "~TIS Information Giver Script") out of the object and into your own prim.


To set the Welcome message just type your club name into the DESCRIPTION of the prim as the script is set up to look at that field first. This is what the script will do:

To give inventory to a customer just drag in everything you wish to give your customer into the contents tab of the prim and the script will reset automatically.

Returning customers will not receive the prims inventory as customers are stored in memory to stop those annoying shops that keep giving you stuff!