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Thank you for your interest in the TIS Drum Kit. The kit offers complete customisation of all textures and colours via a menu, allowing you to change the look to match your venue. To bring up the menu, simply click the drum kit. Then select the part you wish to customise. You can also add your own textures in the following manner:

Edit the drum kit. If the edit window is not expanded select 'More'. In the contents tab, open the notecard entitled 'Textures'. The notecard is divided into sections, separated by the name of the relevant part in square brackets like this:


In each section there are a list of texture names and a Unique Key (UUID) for the texture, separated by a pipe - | - like this


To add your own texture, locate it in your inventory, right click it and select Copy Asset UUID. Next add a new line under the section you want the texture to appear and type the name of the texture as you want it to appear in the menu, followed by a pipe ( | ). Please keep the name shorter than 24 characters.

For example:


Next paste the UUID after the pipe using Control-V so the line looks like this:


Ensure there are no blank lines or spaces in the notecard, save and close it. The Drum Kit will then load up the new notecard and your texture will be available in the menu for selecting.