A majority of FAQ's relating to individual products can be found by navigating to the relavant Product Page using the menu located at the top of this page. On the product page you will find a Troubleshooting tab which contains any current FAQ's about that particular product.

Any generic FAQ's can be found on this page, so check here first. If you find a problem or issue with any of our products which is not listed here, or on the product page please contact us so we can assist you by either sending Dancing Lemon a NOTECARD in-world or contact us here.

Q: I have seen a dance I like but I cannot find it in your store, where is it?

If you found a dance inside one of our dance machines it could possibly be from another creator. Our dance machines can have other creators animations loaded not just our own. In the first instance we suggest looking in our store and using one of the teleporter's, search for the name of the dance. If this proves fruitless, you may need to speak to the owner of the machine you saw the dance in to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Q: I own a mall with lots of lovely shops for rent at a really good price. Are you interested?

Not if you have to tell us about it.

Q: I bought a transferable animation but have lost it, can I get a replacement

Unfortunately not. Transferable animations can be given away so cannot be replaced under ANY circumstances. This includes instances when Second Life fails to deliver the Animation on purchase, or when loading dance balls etc. Transferable animations are priced cheaper than Copy animations because Second Life can and frequently does lose inventory. It is impossible for us to sort out instances of genuine inventory loss from requests by people wanting to pass animations to their friends/alts without paying for them. We are far from happy at having to enforce such a policy, but the fault lies entirely with Linden Lab's failure to implement a robust asset management system. Until they work to eliminate inventory loss, we are unable to offer replacements for transferable items, and recommend you only purchase copy dances to eliminate the issue.

Q: I keep getting an error when loading my dances into my machine. The error is Script run-time error: Stack-Heap Collision - What does this mean?!

In SL, scripts are only allowed a very small amount of memory and when a script exceeds this memory allowance, a stack heap collision error will occur. The Hybrid or couples machine can therefore only hold a finite number of dances. As each dance will use different amounts of memory depending on the length of its name, for example, it is impossible to put an exact figure on the maximum number of dances, however this is the reason the Hybrid and couples says 'Free Memory xxx bytes' each time you get the settings send down from the website. As the script itself will need some additional memory to perform basic functions, you should ideally aim to leave 5000 bytes free. We would suspect in your case that you are very near the maximum number of couples dances, and at some point in the week, the script performs an additional task (for example someone selects 'dance all', which uses up the remaining memory and crashes the script.

Memory is not only used up by the scripts currently used in the machine but also the names of the dances effect the machines memory too. So for instance if you had dances called "Dance 1", "Dance 2" etc they would use up less memory than a dance called "dance_1_sally_sexy_032".

The error you are receiving is due to the fact the machine is out of memory and can only be rectified by removing some dances. We tested the machine initially with approx 400 single dances and 200 couples dances which did not fail however like I said before we were probably using dances with names that were smaller! Please therefore remove some of your dances until you have around 5000 bytes remaining and the issue should go away.

Just to confirm, this limit affects all dance machines in SL, not just our machines, so moving to another system will give you the same problem. You may be able to get more dances into a system that has less functionality, but the limit is set within SL and cannot be changed.

Q: I keep getting this error when I use your product! Could not find animation '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' What do I do now?

This can be resolved by clearing your viewer’s cache and restarting. Go to Preferences --> Network, then press the button to clear cache on your cache location. Please see your client guide on how to do this if you are having issues with locating the clear cache button.

Q: Can you make me a custom animation?

Sorry, no, we do not undertake custom work at this present time.

Q: My product cannot rez its poseballs/lights. I am on group land. What could be stopping this?

On group land your product will need permissions to rez out poseballs or other items. The fact that you as the owner have these rights does not automatically transfer this to your product.
In order to ensure your product can rez on group owned land do the following:
  • Set (not deed) the product to the group that owns the land.
  • Set the Create Object permission in the About Land dialog to 'Group'
If you are on group owned land and the group is not allowed to rez then your product will not be able to rez either. Currently group roles will allow this in some cases when you are online, however you should speak to the group owner and ask them to provide rez rights for the group that owns the land. Under no circumstances should products be deeded to group, as they will lose any owner-related functionality.

Q: How do I edit my poseballs and take out my animations?

In order to obtain the animations inside of poseballs you must do the following:

  • Right click the poseballs and choose edit.
  • In the edit window check 'Edit Linked Parts'
  • Left Click on one of the poseballs so it is highlighted
  • In the edit window, select the content tab (If you don't see the content tab, click the 'More >>' button)
  • Inside the content tab you will find the animations
  • Highlight the animations and drag to your inventory
  • Left click on the other poseball and drag the other animations out into your inventory
  • Take the poseballs back into your inventory now as they will not work when there are no animations inside

Your animations are now safely inside your inventory.

Q: I can't add or remove your animation from my dance hud.

Second Life will not allow you to do this if you are wearing the dance hud. Detach it and drag it to the ground first.

Q: Are your animations compatible with my dance hud?

Yes there is no reason why not!

Q: Can I get a refund of my animation?

Trans animation purchases can be refunded in the following circumstances: a) You accidentally purchased the animation twice. b) You wish to upgrade to a copy version. Copy animations cannot be returned to us, and can therefore not be refunded under ANY circumstances.

Q: Is there anything I can do to try and retrieve my lost animation?

Copy animations can be replaced at any time by using the Redelivery Terminal located in our main store. For Transfer animations, please see this page for some simple steps that may restore your animation to you. Unfortunately, due to the reasons stated above, if you are unable to recover your animation, you will need to purchase a new copy from our store.

Q: What is the difference between Trans (Transfer) and Copy animations

This refers to the permissions you will have for the animation once you have purchased it. Transfer animations can be given away to other avatars, however you will no longer have the animation yourself if you give it away. Copy animations cannot be given away but you can have multiple instances yourself, for example, one in a dance hud and one in your inventory as a backup. We will replace a Copy animation at any time if you ever lose it.

Q: How can I get upgrades for products I have bought in the past?

As Second Life develops and changes, old bugs get fixed and new bugs can arise. For these reasons, we offer free upgrades whenever a product is updated due to bug fixes, and will send these out automatically.

If you have not logged on for some time, or declined the update, the quickest way to ensure you have the latest version is to get a fresh copy from our Redelivery Terminal in our main store.

Q: Can I get a redelivery of a purchase I have made?

If you require a redelivery of any of our club equipment then Yes! As long as you are the original Avatar that purchased the product you can use the Redelivery Terminal located in Customer Services in our main store (we cannot redeliver products to Alt Avi's). You can also get a redelivery of COPYABLE animations you have purchased.

Q: I've purchased transferable animations but really want the copyable versions. Can I upgrade?

Of course!!! All you need to do is send back the transferable versions of the animations you purchased!! If you send a notecard to Dancing Lemon in world asking for an upgrade to copy versions, she will check your purchase history and advise you the difference in price to pay her. When she has advised you, you will only need to send money along with the animations. Unfortunatley we cannot upgrade to copy versions if you have lost your transferable animations.