Q: I have set the dance machine to sync'd mode and dance all in a category but people don't dance in sync? What am I doing wrong?
If you have set your machine to be sync only, then this is how it works:

Avatar 1 selects to dance from the menu. Starts dancing a dance in the category selected by the owner.
Avatar 2 joins and starts dancing the same dance but from the beginning of the dance.
Timer finishes and sets all current dancing avatars dancing the next dance in sync

One selecting "dance all" in the category, if one person then clicks the machine and selects either singles or couples (depending where you have set sync'd mode) they will automatically start dancing the dances in that category. If a second persons then clicks to dance they will start the current playing dance from the beginning. The sync only kicks in on the change to the next dance. We felt this was better to do this then have EVERYONE start the same dance from the beginning as if there are people constantly clicking to dance then everyone would be constantly flipping to the start of the current playing dance all the time. This way anyone who clicks to join will start the current dance from the beginning whilst everyone else is playing the same dance to the end... makes for a better viewing!!! When the timer is up then ANYONE dancing will automatically switch to the next dance hence in sync. Anyone who joins just after the switch will have to wait to be in sync to the next switch in timer.
Q: I have purchased your dance machine/HUD but I cannot get onto your website, whats going on?!
As with all website hosting providers, they can be subject to "downtime" due to bugs or unforeseen causes, we monitor this carefully and over the last 10 years our current hosting provider has had approx 15 hours of downtime during the entire 10 years! If you are experiencing any issues with our webpages, please in the first instance check our hosting provider blog to check that the cause is not due to an issue their end. The blog can be found here: https://forum.everleap.com/forums/outages-and-maintenance.3/
Q: I dont know what is wrong with my machine, it just does not work!
To find out what version of your machine you are using, all you need to do is edit your machine and go to the contents tab. Find a script called "zz_Menu" the version number will be at the end of the name. If you are running an out of date version of the machine you can obtain a redelivery in our store in Customer Services.
Q: I purchased the Plus/Fully Loaded/Xtreme version of the dance machine but the dance machine does not contain the dances. Where are my dances?!
As per the instructions in the Getting Started section of the product web page, the dances come in a seperate object in the folder containing your dance machine. The object is called "TIS version Dances Bento" (version refers to the version you purchased). This object contains your dances and therefore requires to be rezzed near the dance machine and for you to follow the on screen chat instructions.
Q: My machine does not show all my menu categories when I have added them to the manage web page. Why not?
The Hybrid is limited to 10 categories on both the singles and couples menus due to SL script memory limits. In SL, the maximum amount of memory a script is allowed is a tiny 64k (this limit has been in place since SL started in 2003). Worse, the 64k is shared between the code that makes up the script and the data it stores. For the dance engine, this data is information about all the dances in the machine, their rotation/position settings (for couples), any custom name you have set, and the menu level the dance appears under PLUS the code that actually makes all this data work as a dance machine!. Drop down menus are also restricted in SL, to a maximum of 12 buttons, and whilst it would have been possible to implement a multi-page top level menu, the code required to do so would have been quite large, and therefore would have seriously impacted the number of dances the script could hold in its memory. After consultation with our testing group, and with some of the top dance troupes in SL, it was decided that the number of dances was more important than the number of categories.
Q: Can I use my cuddles, poses and more intimate couples animations in my dance machine?
Your dance machine was specifically designed to be used with couples dance animations and single dance animations only. However we do have a number of animation settings stored in our database that are not classed as dances, i.e. intimate anims, poses etc.

When you call out the poseballs to dance couples dances, the poseballs will appear at hip height (after a vast amount of testing many years ago this proved to be the best place in order to try to get the avatars height). This meant that when avatars jumped on the poseballs they were standing on the floor.

Due to the fact that we rez the poseballs at hip height this can be problematic for when people add couples animations (not dances) into the machine that have the animation starting on the floor i.e. laying down or sitting. Because the poseballs are at hip height this will result in the animation floating in midair instead of dropping to the floor.

If this happens then we can manually adjust the settings in the database but this process can take some time for our team to adjust the laying down or sitting poses to get the settings just right so you would have to bear with us when you advise us.

If the non dance animations are already standing up to begin with then this will not be an issue.
Q: I keep getting an error "Could not find zzDance_Slot 2" but I have check the contents and it is in there.... whats this all about?! Does it affect the machine at all?
Essentially the error is thrown when the machine attempts to reset its scripts. The script is there in the contents as you can verify but however for some reason the reset command errors as if it is not. This issue usually appears after a rolling restart and is not an issue with the dance machine itself but the sim the dance machine is located on. To resolve this issue, please either reboot the sim if you are able to (or speak to the owner of the sim to see if they would do this), or take the machine into your inventory and then place back out in world.

If you are able to, reset the machine from its admin menu. This should solve the issue.

If the error persists we will attempt to release a workaround however at the present time we are waiting to see if Linden Lab will fix the error in the next server code release.
Q: I have bought your dance HUD/Machine, can I use other creators couples dances in your machine?
Yes! We endevour to have all couples dances in our database from all the well known creators. When a creator advertises their couples dances as compatible with only certain machines or HUDs this usually means that they are sold without poseballs and therefore must have a compatible dance machine or HUD that can allow couples dances to be used... our machines allow that!
Q: I keep getting an error when loading my dances into my machine. The error is Script run-time error: Stack-Heap Collision - What does this mean?!
In SL, scripts are only allowed a very small amount of memory and when a script exceeds this memory allowance, a stack heap collision error will occur. The Hybrid or couples machine can therefore only hold a finite number of dances. As each dance will use different amounts of memory depending on the length of its name, for example, it is impossible to put an exact figure on the maximum number of dances, however this is the reason the Hybrid and couples says 'Free Memory xxx bytes' each time you get the settings send down from the website. As the script itself will need some additional memory to perform basic functions, you should ideally aim to leave 5000 bytes free. We would suspect in your case that you are very near the maximum number of couples dances, and at some point in the week, the script performs an additional task (for example someone selects 'dance all', which uses up the remaining memory and crashes the script.

Memory is not only used up by the scripts currently used in the machine but also the names of the dances effect the machines memory too. So for instance if you had dances called "Dance 1", "Dance 2" etc they would use up less memory than a dance called "dance_1_sally_sexy_032".

The error you are receiving is due to the fact the machine is out of memory and can only be rectified by removing some dances. We tested the machine initially with approx 400 single dances and 200 couples dances which did not fail however like I said before we were probably using dances with names that were smaller! Please therefore remove some of your dances until you have around 5000 bytes remaining and the issue should go away.

Just to confirm, this limit affects all dance machines in SL, not just our machines, so moving to another system will give you the same problem. You may be able to get more dances into a system that has less functionality, but the limit is set within SL and cannot be changed.
Q: I keep getting this error when I use your product! Could not find animation '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' What do I do now?
This can be resolved by clearing your viewer’s cache and restarting. Go to Preferences --> Network, then press the button to clear cache on your cache location. Please see your client guide on how to do this if you are having issues with locating the clear cache button.
Q: My Dance Machine keeps telling me I have No Dances loaded, even though I have just added some following the instructions!
We have noticed an increase in support calls following the asset server release which has resulted in missed events firing on the machine itself. This does not affect the machines performance whatsoever, but does mean that when you click on it after loading dances it misses the event for obtaining the settings for those dances and therefore when you go to switch the machine on, the admin menu appears instead of the OK button to obtain the settings.

If this happens, from the Admin menu, select Manage --> Reset. This will force the machine to obtain the settings from our database and therefore will not miss this event.

We will monitor this issue and see if LL manage to resolve these missed events, and if not we will look at a permantent workaround for you :-)
Q: My Dance Machine/Hud does not show the poseballs when I click for couples dances, whats happening?!
A bug has been identified in the current Second Life Client 3.3.4. A JIRA has been raised here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-29389? so please vote on a fix for this ASAP!
The workaround is to use a third party client such as those listed here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory.
Q: I have done everything correctly as per the instructions, loaded dances, retrieved the settings and switched on the machine, yet when I call out the poseballs and jump on one side I am unable to dance couples dances, whats doing on?
Once your partner sits on the opposite poseball, you will get a menu drop down box to select a dance for you both to dance. You need a partner to dance couples dances!
Q: My partner and I are not dancing in sync, why is this?
Animations are stored on Second Lifes servers, and downloaded to your pc when needed. An animation will not start playing until it is completely downloaded. With couples animations, although the male and female side may be requested at the same time, it is highly unlikely they will finish downloading at the same time, and therefore one will normally start before the other. There is nothing that can be done to affect this, it is simply a fact of client-server applications such as Second Life. The good news is that once the animation has downloaded, it is stored in cached memory on your computer, so restarting a couples dance will cause both animations to kick off at the same time. This is known as 're-synching' and can be performed by either reselecting the dance, or typing "/1 sync" into chat. SL cache has a finite lifetime, so you will most likely need to resync each time you start playing a dance.
Q: I've set up menu levels and renamed dances, but these are not showing in the machine - why is this?
You are probably using the built in web-browser on an Second Life Client or third party client. There have been bugs reported that prevents webpages with communicating to SL when using third party clients. Please choose 'Open in Default Browser' and create your menus from within a normal browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
Q: I've loaded new dances but they dont appear in the menus and I can't get onto the website to see which dances I have
This has been reported on rare occasions, and is caused by your sim losing its ability to communicate with the outside world. It is not an issue with the dance machine and a sim restart always fixes the problem. Please vote here so the Lindens can work on it if this has happened to you.
Q: OK, so I have clicked and held my mouse button down to get the menu but STILL nothing is happening..... What now?
This will be caused by breaks in communication in your Client and Second Life and indicates your maximum bandwidth is set too high. Open preferences (CRTL+ P) and on the networth tab set your maximum band to its minimum setting, you will now be able to bring up the dance machine menu by clicking and holding.

Now adjust your maximum bandwidth to the point where you are still able to bring up the dance machine menu. You should now find your whole Second Life experience is vastly improved as you will no longer be dropping info between you and the Second Life servers.
Q: I click my machine and it says it is switched off - HELP!
The majority of our products employ a CLICK and HOLD system for owner functions to prevent accidental activation in a busy club environment. Please left click on the product and HOLD the mouse button down until the menu appears. This will normally be within a few seconds, but may be longer if your sim is very laggy.