Q: I purchased the Aurora Rig but I cannot see any lights on my floor! What is happening?
The Aurora Rig uses Second Life projector lighting, which you need to have enabled in your Graphic preferences. To enable lighting please follow the instructions here for Aurora Rig navigating to Getting Started --> Best viewing Results.

More information about SL projector lighting can be found here for Second Life Projector Lighting . Please also note Projectors do not project textures onto alpha/transparent faces that have partial transparency. Such faces are lit by the projector as if Lighting and Shadows were disabled. When Lighting and shadows is disabled, a projector behaves like a point light, but it continues to obey the Color, Intensity, Radius, Falloff attributes of the light. This essentially makes it operate like a spotlight.
Q: I am getting constant re-deliveries of my product, whats going on?!
Re-deliveries of your current products are ascertained and sent via the iControl Professional.

If your iControl Professional is not the most up to date version then it will assume the products you have out are not the most up to date versions thus the reason you are receiving updates. There was a recent update to the iControl Professional which was sent out which does fix this issue.

Please either obtain a delivery of the newest iControl in store or send Dancing Lemon a note and she will send one out to you.
Q: My Aurora beams won't rez
Go to the configuration menu on your iControl for the Aurora Rig and then click Rez Beams. Follow the on screen instructions as to why your beams are not rezzing. It is usually because your land is not allowing group to Build.
Q: Help! My Aurora lights are not working!
First check that you have Rezzed the beams from the config menu. We have been caught out with this ourselves and is easily missed!!